New Year Manifestation Pouches & Blessing Ritual


New Year Manifestation Pouches & Blessing Ritual


Usher in January with Laura McCullough DeLorme at Ginger Birch and create a 2019 Manifestation Pouch to help you focus on your goals and hone in on the energy you want to invite into your life!  

After our pouches are created, we will do a candlelight and hand-passing ceremony in order to harness our energy in support of one another. 

We will provide: 
A silk or satin silk pouch, assorted gemstones representing various energies or feelings, dried herbs and flowers, magazines to help inspire, word and oracle cards to place in your pouch and a whole host of symbolic little items to represent what you hope to manifest starting now or for the new year! 

Feel free to bring (not necessary): 
Any small items symbolic of what you want, e.g. something that represents love if you want more love, a little dove sticker or peace symbol if you want peace, a small toy car if you need a new ride, pretend money to represent financial growth or anything small that you'd like to know is in the pouch "working" for you! 

The pouches are about 4 inches by 4 inches so keep that in mind. We will also have some fabric on hand if you'd like to wrap your items instead of putting them in the pouch. 

Class size is limited to 12, FCFS.

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